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Nicki Minaj Grinds Up On Her iPhone In Major Lazer’s New Video

‘Run Up’ shows exactly what it’s like to Facetime Nicki

Major Lazer's new video with Nicki Minaj and Partynextdoor is all about how you see yourself in your phone camera, and it even lets us see through Nicki's very own selfie cam.

The video for "Run Up" depicts a party in which everyone's eyes are glued to their phones. Instead of dancing for someone across the room, they're dancing for themselves, or for whoever's on the other end of their Facetime calls. In Diplo's case, that's Nicki Minaj, who dances with the producer from a faraway hotel room.

If you can't get Nicki at your party, the next best thing is to videophone her in, right?