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There’s Something Off About Lana Del Rey’s Dreamy New Album Cover

Summertime sadness no more

Good news, Lana Del Rey fans: Your girl’s shaken off her “summertime sadness” and is all smiles heading into her Lust for Life era.

At least, that’s what we can assume based on the newly unveiled cover of Lana’s upcoming fifth album, which touts a romantic, ’70s-rock-inspired look (it wouldn’t be a Lana album without some sort of retro vibe to it). The cover shows her in full flower-child mode, rocking a bohemian lace top and daisies in her hair. She’s ditched her signature pout from past album covers and instead flashes a toothy grin while posing in front of an old pickup truck. But is her bubbly expression really believable?

Call me cynical, but I can’t shake the feeling that Lana’s beaming smile isn’t totally authentic. Her music often has an undertone of darkness to it, and we shouldn’t assume Lust for Life is as whimsically carefree as its cover makes it out to be. Just sayin’.

Lana announced her new album with a cryptic black-and-white trailer at the end of March, saying in the clip, “Even though these times can feel a little bit crazy, they’re not so very different from what other generations have experienced at one time or another before. Amidst all the uncertainty, and as we transition out of one era into another one, there’s no place I’d rather be than smack dab in the middle of Hollyweird making this record for you.”

A release date for Lust for Life hasn’t been announced yet, so you’ll have to keep listening to the dreamy single “Love” on repeat while we await further news.