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Rowan Blanchard Got A D In Sixth Grade And Survived

The ‘Girl Meets World’ star opens up on MTV’s ‘Rookie’ podcast

Nobody's perfect — not even Disney Channel stars. On the latest episode of MTV's "Rookie" podcast, host Tavi Gevinson chats with Girl Meets World's Rowan Blanchard (as well as Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton of the "Another Round" podcast). During the Ask a Grown segment, Blanchard got real about the pressure to be perfect.

"In sixth grade I was that teacher's pet student that was always the A student, always did the extra credit," she revealed in the section, which kicks off at about the 37:44 mark. "And then in sixth grade for the first time I got a D, because I didn't study."

Blanchard's first bad grade came with an understandable explanation, however. She didn't study because it was the weekend before her dog died. Saying goodbye to a best friend is a pretty damn good reason to keep the textbooks closed for a few days, if you ask me.

"It was horrible times," Blanchard continued. "If I don't get 90 percent at least on everything then am I even a good person?"

Tavi, who got C's herself after starting Rookie, had the perfect response for this: "You don't have to be perfect to be loved or to be a good friend or even a good student." Next time your report card arrives, remember these wise words. Your self-worth is never attached to a letter grade.