Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

Rihanna’s Jet Lag Is Way More Glam Than Your Jet Lag

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Constant international travel and time zone hopscotch comes with the territory when you hit Rihanna's level of success and worldwide renown, so naturally, she's a pro when it comes to jet-setting and tackling the jet lag it entails.

Instead of posting a simple selfie at the airport, Ri had to go and film a gorgeous, slo-mo, unofficial video of her lovely locks blowing out the window of her car.

The hair! The sun! The music! The blustery breeze! This quick clip is so mesmerizing that it could serve as an unofficial music vid for H.E.R.'s "Focus," to be honest.

If this is Rihanna combatting jet lag, as her caption would indicate, Ri suffering at the hands of sleep deprivation and exhaustion is far more glamorous than the majority of humanity on a good day, let alone when facing jet lag.

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