Greg Gayne/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Chris Pratt Just Serenaded His Snack On A Boat, As One Does

Pratt: 1. Plate of scones: 0.

Scones are delicious and all, but damn.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris took a lovely, leisurely boat ride on April 7, and they brought some very fancy snacks — a selection of scones, complete with clotted cream and jam — for the voyage.

And then Pratt ate them. All of them. All seven of them. And he tried to shove 'em down his gullet while singing along with the Beatles, too, because he is a snacking champion and his methods shouldn't be questioned.

Faris is responsible for the “cinematography” of this epic clip, which is the latest in a line of vids he's been posting in his #WHATSMYSNACK series.

“I'll never do you no harm” is an interesting line to sing directly into a scone two seconds before you tear into it with abandon, but if anything, this is just further testament to Pratt's commitment to his craft. On this particular day, that craft just so happened to be eating, so may we all approach our cheat days with the same passion.