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Chance The Rapper Got Love From Eddie Vedder For His ‘Great Work In Chicago’

‘That’s the kind of music activism that gives us all hope’

Add Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder to the list of people who would likely vote for Chance the Rapper should he decide to run for office in Chicago.

Vedder and his Pearl Jam bandmates were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 7, and he took the opportunity to sing Chance's praises from the podium. Vedder mentioned that his daughter, Olivia, was a huge fan of Chance's — a comment that likely had her blushing in her seat, as she was there to support his dad for this massive milestone. Vedder then proceeded to compliment the difference he's making and action he's taking to give back to their shared hometown, Chicago.

“If somehow, some way, Chance the Rapper ever sees or hears this, I just want to tell him my daughter, Olivia, loves you,” he told the RRHOF crowd. “I also want to thank you for all the great work you’re doing in Chicago. That’s the kind of music activism that gives us all hope.”

Good on Vedder for using his platform to shed light on the efforts of an artist who inspires him — and good on Chance, too, for all of the reasons and more listed above.

(And if this somehow miraculously leads to a Pearl Jam/Chance the Rapper collaboration, somebody call up Bill Murray and throw a giant party in Millenium Park or something, 'cause that's a meeting of the musical minds worth freaking out about.)