Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian Shows Her Grunge Side With A ’90s Throwback Pic

A major ‘My So-Called Life’ moment for Kim and Kourt

Let the record show that Kim Kardashian — haute couture enthusiast, Yeezy muse, and frequent wearer of delicate gowns and futuristic garb — had a grungy side. (But then again, didn't we all once Reality Bites hit theaters and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was all over the radio?)

Kim's latest throwback pic features her and sister Kourtney striking a pose in looks straight out of the Weathervane, with Kim sporting a babydoll tee and Kourt in a flannel that could've been ripped from Eddie Vedder's closet. Or Angela Chase's, for that matter.

The thought of Kim and Kourtney sneaking off to the garage for band practice is a level of fiction that belongs on the Fantasy shelf, but still: They're definitely dressing for the part here.

Add this to the evidence file proving that the '90s are, in fact, Kim's fave decade. More flannel and chokers straight out of Contempo Casuals, please.