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This Is How Catelynn Lowell Describes Potty Training Daughter Novalee

Fortunately, the 'Teen Mom OG' toddler was a quick learner

Catelynn Lowell's fellow teen moms know the process that comes with ditching diapers -- and the MTV mama just completed her very first potty-training experience with daughter Novalee.

"It's been three weeks with no diapers," the proud Michigan native, who will return to the network for a brand-new installment, dished to MTV News. "She wears pullups at night time and at nap time because she’s still young. But she’s been doing awesome. She will tell us when she has to go, and she will go to the potty by herself. She caught on super-fast." Little Nova was a quick learner!

Now that the tricky part (which viewers will see during this season!) is history, how would Cate describe the experience?

"Stressful, nasty and funny," she said with a chuckle. "The other day, she had an accident and she said, 'Mom, poop!' Or she will walk around the house, and I will be able to tell she has to go. I never thought it in a million years that I would have to tell my kid 20 times a day to get her hands out of her butt!"

Ahhhh, potty fouls. Be sure to watch Catelynn, Tyler and the potty-trained munchkin on Teen Mom OG, beginning on Monday at 9/8c!