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Someone Turned Their Thighs Into A Shrine To Kim And Kanye

Kim loves this, um, creative tattoo fan art

Some people hang posters in their rooms of celebrities they love. Others start devoted fan accounts. But some, uh, very, very committed fans like to get the names of the celebrities they love tattooed across their thighs. Like Twitter user wtfjon.

He tweeted pics of his straightforward tattoos that say "Kim Kardashian" and "Kanye West" in large, plain font to Kim. And, thankfully, she loved them! Or, to be more accurate, she heart emoji, heart-eyes emoji, kiss emoji, kissy-face emoji, fire-emoji-ed them.

Jon's bio says he's, "NOT DOING ANY OF THIS FOR FAME," yet also, "KIM KARDASHIAN TWEETED ME 2x."

Hey, at least he got a way more positive reaction from his idol than, say, that one committed Lana Del Rey fan did when he showed her his autograph tattoo.