Rich Polk/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian Is Selling A $98 Pool Float Shaped Like Her Butt

What a bargain!

Kim Kardashian just dropped a bunch of new Kimoji merch, including none other than a $98 pool float designed in the shape of her own butt.

Summer 2015 was a popular moment for pool accessories with the rise of Taylor Swift's Instagram-famous swan float, so don't be surprised if summer 2017 marks the rise of literal inflatable butts. If that's not your speed, Kim is also offering a float shaped like a word bubble that says "LIT," as well as other wholesome items like lighters with middle fingers on them and a flask that says, "Still drunk from yesterday."

I did not expect Kim Kardashian to become our nation's foremost competitor of Spencer Gifts, yet here we are.

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