Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Chris Evans Cried After Telling His Mom He Lost His Virginity

Bless you, Captain America

When Hollywood heartthrob Chris Evans stopped by Late Night on Thursday (April 6) to promote his new non-superhero movie, Gifted, he confessed to Seth Meyers that he was a total crybaby as a kid. "I cried a lot, I really did," he admitted, laughing how he finally stopped the waterworks on the first day of school by the fourth grade.

But while Evans got his crying under control growing up, he did still have one special moment that brought on the tears. Right after losing his virginity, Evans ran home and proudly told his mom the good news. Jokingly, Meyers said, "And I didn't cry!" but Evans, though laughing, quickly set the record straight: "Oh, no. I cried. I didn't say that."

After taping the interview, Evans tweeted, "Thrilled to have shared with everyone how much I cried as a child," thanking Meyers "for the therapeutic interview." Check out the hilarious clip below.