Catelynn Reveals Why Butch's Teen Mom OG Prison Release Was Different This Time

Tyler's dad is no stranger to struggle, but this homecoming had a poignant twist

The last time Butch was featured on Teen Mom OG, the MTV grandpa joyfully celebrated one year of sobriety (following his latest on-camera release from prison 365 days earlier). But before the last season wrapped, Tyler and Catelynn learned that the patriarch violated his probation and was back behind bars. Fast-forward to tonight's episode: Butch was a free man yet again -- and Tyler and Catelynn welcomed him home.

Cate questioned Butch about why he didn't reveal his urge to get high -- and while Butch deflected that Tyler would have "been pissed" if he expressed his struggles, Butch later vowed to do the best he could "to stay clean and sober and to move forward."

So how is Butch doing today?

"He's doing really well," Catelynn recently told MTV News, adding he has maintained his aforementioned pledge. And even though the couple has unfortunately faced this type of situation through the years, Butch's latest homecoming post-prison differed from previous experiences -- especially for Tyler.

"The old Tyler would have been like, ‘He’s so stupid, and I don’t want anything to do with him,'" Cate reflected. "This time, he was sad. He was disappointed and was wondering why Butch was hurting so much that he had to go use. So when Butch got out, Tyler said, ‘Dad, if you ever feel like you have the urge to use, please just call me and come over. And we’ll talk and I won’t judge you at all, and we will figure out what’s going on.’” He told Tyler that this is the first time he has felt unconditional love in his whole entire life. It’s because we know he is an addict, and we understand that relapse is sometimes a part of recovery. And we’re just going to continue to support him no matter what."

To see how Butch progresses, be sure to keep watching him and his loved ones every Monday on TMOG at 9/8c.