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Pony Up: Farrah Abraham Reveals What It's Like To Own A Mini Horse

Starburst joined the 'Teen Mom OG' family this past Christmas

Pets come in all shapes and sizes -- and Farrah Abraham welcomed a brand-new miniature horse named Starburst (not your average dog or cat!) into her family fold at Christmas. So how would Farrah -- who will be returning to MTV on Monday for a brand-new Teen Mom OG season and is subsequently introducing Starburst to viewers -- describe what it's like to care for the adorable animal?

"It's easier to take care of Starburst than it is our puppies," Sophia's mama told MTV News. "I love Starburst -- she's so easy. She's potty-trained, she's loving, she's cute."

But even though it's not as difficult as raising canines, Starburst still has some things to learn at her young age.

"She's still under one, so we still have a lot of training for her," the entrepreneur admitted. "The vet comes to you once a year, you hang out, you have your hay, you have the alfalfa cubes, you have her grains. It's just so easy. She's my soul sister -- I love her."

Be sure to catch Farrah, Sophia and Starburst (!) on Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c. And for a sneak peek from the premiere, watch the clip below!