Sneak Peek: This Woman Is Desperate To Save Her Granddaughter From A Catfish

Always remember: Grandma knows best

A hip grandma is trying to catch a catfish on Wednesday night's episode of the MTV show -- and save her beloved granddaughter from heartache in the process.

"Yasmine met a guy named Lewis almost a year ago but didn't tell me about it," Sandra writes to Nev and Max in the sneak peek, below. "My maternal instincts told me she was dating someone. I was unsure where or how she met him, but after much snooping, I found out she was constantly chatting with the guy online."

Getting super-suspicious of her granddaughter's new beau, she began questioning Yasmine -- but was met with radio silence. Even worse, Sandra then found something uber-disturbing in Yasmine's room, and when she confronted her about it, Yasmine finally spilled the beans. And that, friends, is when Lewis' romantic intentions became even more doubtful. We're talking waaaay more doubtful.

What did Sandra find? Watch the clip to find out, and to see the entire story unfold, catch Catfish Wednesday at 8/7c.