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Chance The Rapper’s Fans Want Him To Become Chance The Mayor

‘If you won, you would do a good ass job’

In 2015, Chance the Rapper dropped these bars on the song “Somewhere in Paradise”: “They say I’m savin’ my city, say I’m stayin’ for good / They screamin’ ‘Chano for mayor,’ I’m thinkin’ maybe I should.” Now, two years later, a group of fans have launched a campaign called Chano4Mayor2k19 urging the Chicago native to run for office in his hometown.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the fans behind want the rapper to run in 2019 against incumbent Rahm Emanuel, who’s won the past two elections. On the website, the group writes, “We think if you ran, you would win. And if you won, you would do a good ass job. ... You’d send a message that Chicago is ready for a new generation of leadership.”

The group cites Chance’s charitable donations to the city’s school system, his community work, and his overall attitude about improving the city as reasons why he’s the man for the job. The MC has yet to respond, and it seems like a pretty far-fetched idea, but it’d be foolish to doubt his passionate fans — or Chance himself, for that matter.