What Would You Do If Someone Burned $65,580 Of Your Hard-Earned Cash?

That's what Alex and Gina did on tonight's 'Stranded With A Million Dollars' -- and no, we're not kidding

Alex and Gina threw a temper tantrum tried out a brand-new strategy on tonight's Stranded With A Million Dollars: They hijacked the group's hard-earned bundles of cash and -- in an effort to make Team Makody cave to their demands -- threatened to tear it to shreds. Then they did. Then they set it on fire.

Yes, really.

The drama began when Alex -- desperate to figure out how he could stop Makody from keeping both food and water from him and Gina -- devised his, um, brilliant plan and unveiled it at the latest group buy.

"We would like two jars of peanut butter, two bags of carrots and the smallest pot," he told his rivals. "And our offer is, we've got pretty much all the money. And you guys can take [our offer], or we will start ripping the money."

Cody's response? A dead-serious, "No deal." And that, friends, is when Alex and Gina went kamikaze.

"This is not my choice," the wiry TV reporter said as he and his jungle buddy began tearing the cash. "This is their choice."

Note to Alex: Nah, bro, that was pretty much your choice.

So how did Makody react to the shocking act of sabotage? They barely flinched. Instead, the two laughed at the demolition duo and later even taunted their enemies.

"What's the game plan now that you've basically lost all the money you've been here for?" Makani asked Alex with a smirk. When he had no reply, she said, "No game plan from the mastermind? All right then" -- and walked away with a snicker.

Note to Makani: LOL, that was kind of awesome.

Cody, meanwhile, maintained his position that seeing some cash destroyed -- the total turned out to be a whopping $65,580 -- was worth it if meant not caving to his opponents' demands and still being able to starve them out of the game. He then criticized Alex & Co.'s wild spending habits and questionable food buys.

"When you had the majority, you wanted pizza, you wanted burgers, you wanted chips," he said. "But now that it's two-on-two, you want peanut butter? A jar of peanut butter like I have? I don't go through my [food] in a couple of hours. I have enough food to get me to Day 40, and you don't. That's your own fault, and now you're going to pay the price for it."

Then, to prove his point (and keep the taunts alive), he gleefully dipped into his jar of PB and enjoyed an ample helping.

Note to Cody: LOL, that was kind of awesome too.

So tell us: What would you do if someone destroyed $65,580 of your hard-earned cash? Would you be able to laugh it off like Makody did, or would you have opened a can of whoop-ass? And do you think Gina and Alex were crazy to obliterate the money, or did they have no choice? Tell us how you'd be behaving in the jungle, then catch another Stranded Tuesday at 10/9c.