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No One Is Safe From The ‘Machine’ In MisterWives’ Chaotic New Video

Welcome to the wasteland

MisterWives have a powerful story to tell, but it may sound familiar. Their fierce new visuals for “Machine” — off their upcoming album Connect the Dots, due out May 19 — begin with a haunting message: “Humans have captured the entire mutant population and put them on the edge of extinction. There is no hope...but today sparks the rise of a new resistance.”

No, this isn't Star Wars, Mad Max: Fury Road, or even Fifth Harmony's post-apocalyptic “That's My Girl” video. This is MisterWives' very own wasteland, where the mutants — in this case, the band dressed up as their inner “spirit animals” — are fighting some Very Bad Guys. The costumes admittedly aren't the best, but you can hear their voices loud and clear.

“Color and freedom to be one's true self are prohibited,” MisterWives told Billboard about the video. “Getting to bring to life our spirit animals in this desert dystopia where they rebel and break free from being held in captivity was something we've been itching to do since the song came to fruition.”

Furiosa would be proud.