Which Female Underdog Is Capable of Winning The Challenge?

Former champion Laurel was the only woman to prove victorious in the latest mission

The Challenge Underdogs, a collection of winless misfits, have miraculously found themselves sitting pretty with $55,000 in their collective bank account while the Champions — who were supposed to be running the game — are at a $30k deficit. Still, where the team’s ladies are concerned, Team Red has some catching up to do.

On tonight’s episode of Invasion of the Champions, the game’s remaining 12 players met at a picturesque lakeside to play “Crossover,” a camper’s typical tubing adventure on amphetamines. In same-team man/woman pairs, Challengers would begin on either side of a row of eight inner tubes that would be dragged by a boat at 30 miles per hour. When TJ blew his horn, players would have to advance across each tube (at one point, one would have to crawl over the other) before pulling themselves up a rope and grabbing a flag. They’d get three minutes to complete the task, and the team that clocked the fastest average time would win.

It came as no surprise that Darrell and Laurel, two proven champs, set the bar high, and each completed the task at lightning speed. And while most of the guys — Champions and Underdogs, alike — followed suit, not a single other woman was able to grab the flag (the Underdogs had an especially tough time).

Ashley and Nicole were particular disappointments — while Ashley flipped into the water before reaching the final tube, Nicole couldn’t negotiate her way to the final destination before time was up.

“I think there’s a lot of expectations on Nicole from her team, just because she is strong, she is super fit,” Camila, one of two remaining female champs, observed from the sidelines. “But I am wondering if Nicole is really as good as everyone thinks.

Laurel, Camila’s teammate, was a little bit less diplomatic in her Underdog assessment.

“I don’t understand what’s so hard about this,” she said. “Why aren’t these girls getting the flag?”

And while Amanda and Jenna both came insanely close to securing the flag in their respective heats, both ultimately fell short.

“Amanda -- eh,” Camila noted. “I mean, she didn’t fall. So good job, Amanda. You didn’t fall.”

Ultimately, thanks to some strong showings from the guys, the Underdogs came out on top, but they got a pretty clear signal that there’s serious work to do if they genuinely intend to win the final mission.

So between Amanda, Jenna, Ashley and Nicole, who is the Underdog to beat, and can you see any besting the Champions and catapulting herself to victory? Share your thoughts, and see what happens when the next Invasion episode airs next Tuesday at 9/8c!