Denise Truscello/BSLV/Getty Images for Brandcasting, Inc

Britney Spears Made A Backstreet Boy The Star Of Her Vegas β€˜Freak Show’

😳 😳 😳 😳 😳

Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys have been neighbors on the strip in Las Vegas for a minute now, and this isn't the first time one of the dudes ventured into Planet Hollywood and became a scandalous part of her show.

Rest assured, this Backstreet Boy made his Piece of Me debut in a very, very big way.

If one had to guess which BSB singer would wind up on all fours, on a leash, with Ms. Spears whipping his behind to the tune of her Blackout track, he or she would likely think of any other member of the boy band before guessing who actually wound up crawling around Brit's stage during β€œFreak Show.” AJ McLean would be a natural choice, given that he's the bad boy of the group β€” and he did just that back when Brit launched her Vegas residency in 2016.

This time around, it was sensitive tenor Howie Dorough who got dragged out of the crowd and up onstage for β€œFreak Show,” and it looks like he loved every single minute of being dominated by the Queen of the Strip. (The harness works on him, too.)

Here's a longer fan-shot clip of β€œFreak Show” below. Guess that whole β€œWhat happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” rule doesn't apply when a club full of people witness Britney testing the limits of β€œI want it that way.”