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Prince Jackson Just Paid Tribute To Michael With A Tattoo Of The King Of Pop

He’s taking after his sister Paris with his creative ink

Of the many tattoos Paris Jackson has, a number of them were inspired by her late father, Michael Jackson. Now, her big brother, Prince, is taking her lead: He's just shared that he's now inked with a tribute to their dad, too.

Paris's tattoos — nine of them, to be precise — all honor their father, as they refer to special notes he wrote to her, her childhood nickname, and other fond remembrances. Prince opted to go with something more visual, and his tattoo on his calf features MJ wearing one of his most iconic looks and striking a trademark pose, but with a fantastical tweak.

Prince opted for a portrait that renders his father an angel, with wings extending beyond his outstretched hands.

With that diamond-studded glove, sparkling socks, and a fedora tipped just so, Prince's tat puts a touching spin on his legendary dad that paints him as the icon that he is.