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Riot Fest Booked All Of Your Favorite Movie Bands For Its April Fools’ Lineup


This is one of those April Fools’ laughs that we desperately, desperately wish wasn't a joke.

Riot Fest is pretty great at booking dream lineups for rock and punk fans, but they're also pros when it comes to orchestrating an event that pulls together every single one of the bands you wish you could see IRL instead of at the movies.

With a spoof of their own lineup — which they haven't technically announced yet, all joshing aside — the Riot Fest crew put together a veritable smattering of every fictitious band of note that's graced the silver screen, with a particular emphasis on cult classics and rockers hailing from flicks of the ’80s and ’90s.

The headliners alone are insane, with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure's Wyld Stallyns receiving top billing. (Keanu Reeves has recently discussed trying to get a third Bill and Ted adventure made, so this is an excellent, topical pick.)

Crucial Taunt — i.e., Cassandra's band from Wayne's World that makes our long-haired hero go all googly-eyed — is up there on the lineup as well, as they should be for their killer cover of Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz."

Sexy Rexy of Empire Records is there, too, so gird your loins or whatever.

The "That Thing You Do!" dudes, The Oneders, will only be reuniting in your dreams apart from this stacked list, but here's their one-hit oneder in the meantime.

And, finally, Marvin and the Starlighters — the band that Marty McFly briefly joined in a vital moment during the climax of Back to the Future — was name-checked, too.

Noticeably absent: Lovebürger from Can't Hardly Wait. Preston Meyers (1) wears t-shirts sometimes and (2) isn't pleased.

Honestly, as far as April Fools’ pranks go, this is a really rad one from the rocking crew at Riot Fest. (Getting "That Thing You Do!" stuck in your head till May is no laughing matter, however, so take caution when it comes to pressing play.)