Elizabeth Gillies And Victorious Fans Celebrate Bade’s 3-Year Anniversary

The ’ship to end all ’ships

This has been a big week for Victorious. No, we're not getting that proper series finale (yet) — calm down — but Dan Schneider's Nickelodeon show celebrated its seventh anniversary Monday (March 27), and on Wednesday, we learned that Matt Bennett (Robbie Shapiro) had ditched Rex for a new puppet. And there's more.

[Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

Wednesday also marks the three-year "anniversary" of Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) and Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia), or as ’shippers have labeled them, Bade. Fans started the hashtag #BadeAnniversary to share their favorite moments from the show's (arguably) best canonical couple. Though Jogia hasn't commented on the anniversary on social media as of this writing — it's cool, he's probably busy prepping for The Outcasts' premiere with Victoria Justice — Gillies tweeted about the big day.

"Happy #BadeAnniversary, Bade lovers 😘," she wrote, retweeting a fan's GIF. She also chimed in on a fan's comment about Bade's "hottest moment ever" with two heart emojis. Same.

If you're still unsure why it's only Bade's third anniversary (since the duo were together before the events in the pilot happened), it's all thanks to Schneider. When a fan asked him when Beck and Jade were getting married, the series creator responded, "March 29, 2014 — right after the KCAs." The tweet has since been deleted, but screenshots are forever. Back in 2015, Gillies and Jogia teased fans with a post-nuptials update on Bade: They were expecting! Never change, Bade. Never.