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Have You Noticed Rihanna’s Been Repping A 1980s Metal Band For Months?

Her favorite hat is merch for the Scandinavian band Bathory

If you, like me, frequently Google image search Rihanna's outfits, you may have noticed she often wears the same baseball cap. I used to gloss over what this particular hat said, thinking the letters maybe spelled out "BAE HORN" or something. That is, until today, when I realized Rihanna is actually wearing merch for … the 1980s Scandinavian metal band Bathory!!!

I have no idea what Rihanna's connection to this band is, other than that a guy who was their drummer from 1983–84 went on to direct the video for "Who's That Chick?," a David Guetta song she was featured on in 2010. Anyway, please enjoy this historical timeline of Rihanna wearing her Bathory hat.