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Kim Kardashian Morphs Into Kris Jenner Before Our Very Eyes

...This pic is WILD

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Kris Jenner is a ~cool~ mom — one who continually serves looks and has an extensive closet that puts Kylie’s to shame.

Kim Kardashian apparently knows this, so she’s decided to channel her inner Kris for a new pic that’ll make you squint, double-take, and marvel at the wonders of family genes (and highly skilled glam squads). Behold: Kim’s transformation into Kris.

It’s not so much Kim’s black skintight ensemble that screams “Ultimate Momager,” but rather those pouty lips and that instantly recognizable pixie cut. She’s practically Kris’s twin!

Mama Jenner, for her part, hasn’t commented on her daughter’s new “vibes,” but she did retweet the pic, so she’s at least aware. We can only imagine her reaction looked something like this: