Catfish Clue: Did Mecca's Online Beau Just Hint That He's A Fraud?

In a sneak peek of this week's episode, the proof may be in the picture

You know the old saying, "love is blind"? Well, wait till you hear this one.

In a sneak peek of this week's Catfish, a girl named Mecca sits down with Max and guest sleuth iO to discuss her online romance with the artist boyfriend formerly known as Ryan. Formerly? Well, yeah. After their very first video chat -- in which Ryan sat in the dark wearing a hoodie -- Mecca realized her beau wasn't the dude in the photos he'd sent. Caught in his lies, Ryan then said he was really a guy named Tanner and provided new pics. Luckily for him, Mecca didn't mind.

"I still love the person -- what he looks like doesn't have anything to do with his personality," she says in the clip, below.

So what does Ryan Tanner look like? In the image Mecca shows Max and iO, he's a handsome, freckle-faced cutie. But, hey, wait -- what's that he's holding in the picture?

"He's telling you what's going on right there!" iO says when he sees the tip-off that Mecca indeed noticed but refused to really see.

So what's the Catfish clue? Watch the clip to find out (trust us, you're not gonna believe it), then see the entire story of Mecca and the guy who's probably not Tanner either Wednesday at 8/7c.