Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic

That’s So Raven’s Chelsea And Cory Share The Love In Reunion Photo

Can they please reunite on the new spin-off?

As we continue waiting in purgatory for the That's So Raven sequel series to give us a cast photo, a trailer, a psychic vision, or anything, it's nice that star Anneliese van der Pol is keeping fans content with reunion pics.

On Tuesday (March 28), van der Pol sharing a precious throwback from the epic Raven reunion on The View two years ago with her costar Kyle Massey, who had stopped talking on the phone long enough to take a cute selfie.

Massey responded to the pic with, "LOVE YOU" and a heart emoji, to which van der Pol replied, "Love you back" with another heart emoji. It's totally fitting these two are sharing — or should I say "feeling"? — the love, since Massey's character, Cory Baxter, had a humongous crush on van der Pol's Chelsea Daniels during Raven's early episodes.

No word yet if Massey will reprise his role on the upcoming Raven spin-off, but it would seem like a no-brainer, since Massey's show, Cory in the House, was the first Raven spin-off (and actually Disney Channel's first-ever spin-off). Needless to say, fans want Cory back in the White House — and on the upcoming show.