Lorde’s New ‘Green Light’ Remix Is Exceptionally Sweet

That Creme Egg! She wants it!

On March 19, Lorde tweeted that she wanted to eat a Cadbury Creme Egg, and today (March 28), her wish finally came true... at a price.

While making an appearance on BBC Radio 1, the Melodrama singer was gifted one of the seasonal sweet treats, which basically consists of sugary goo encased within a milk chocolate shell. She was psyched because apparently American chocolate “is not very good,” but her dessert came with a downright silly request: to perform a Creme Egg–themed parody of her recent single “Green Light.”

Cue Lorde gamely screaming, “I’m waiting for it! That creme egg! I want it!” on the new version’s thrilling chorus. Other revamped lyrics include “I said I’d have just one, I’m such a damn liar” and “When you bite it, thought you said you would never make a mess / But now there’s egg on your face.” Just give in to the weirdness. It’s worth it.