Stranded With A Million Dollars Sneak Peek: Makody Decide To Play Dirty...Again

Emphasis on the word 'dirty'

'Member that time Alex and Gina burned more than $65,000 in cash on Stranded With A Million Dollars? Well, gee whiz, guys -- it totally wasn't their fault. Really.

In a sneak peek of tomorrow night's long-awaited season finale, Alex tries to justify the aforementioned money massacre by saying that he and Gina wouldn't have had to destroy all that money if Makody had just bought them some supplies. In fact, the TV-reporter-turned-kamikaze-camper tells his arch nemeses that the decision was "as much on you guys" as it was him and Gina.

And that, dear friends, makes Makody mad. That makes Makody very, very mad.

"It was my fault that you burned $65,000? That's on me?" Cody asks incredulously.

And Makani -- aka the woman Stranded Facebook fans have crowned Queen of the Jungle -- gets so PO'd, she tells her jungle bestie it's time they sought revenge on Gina and Alex.

So what's the plan? Watch the clip to find out (hint: It'll give you a case of déjà vu), then tune in tomorrow night at 10/9c to see who makes it the finish line in Fiji -- and who doesn't.