Stranded With A Million Dollars Sneak Peek: Cody And Makani's Alliance Might Be Kaput

It's never pretty when Mr. Thrive gets mad

The seemingly unbreakable bond between Makani and Cody is showing signs of strain on Stranded With A Million Dollars, and it's all because of tinder.

No, not the dating app -- the wood.

In a sneak peek of tomorrow night's episode, the bag of kindling that Cody has been gathering throughout his jungle journey seems to have gone missing. And, without his collection of twigs to help start campfires, the National Guard infantry man becomes irate -- and blames Makani for losing it.

"You were in charge of it," he tells his one-time kindred spirit in the clip, below.

For her part, Makani keeps her cool and proposes that "the next step is just to get new tinder" -- but her suggestion only makes Cody more incensed.

"I wish you cared a little bit about losing what I've been collecting the whole time," he says. "Apparently, you don't give a sh-t."

So how does Makani respond to Cody's further frustration? And what does Alex have to say as he watches the friction unfold? Watch the clip to find out -- and to see if Team Makody are on the outs for good (say it ain't so!), catch Stranded tomorrow at 10/9c.