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Watch Demi Lovato Smooch All Over Ed Sheeran’s Face

She’s in love with the shape of Ed — as a pillow

If you ever wondered what it'd look like if Demi Lovato made out with Ed Sheeran, all your prayers have been answered. Well, almost all of them.

The "Confident" singer stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday (March 27) for the newest segment of "Ew!" with Jimmy Fallon, who donned a blond wig and purple dress to play his alter ego Sara (without an H because H's are ew). Lovato became Emily Livingston, who rocked pigtails, a sparkly silver dress, and shoes that look like they were stolen from The Comfy Couch.

After taking some selfies, Lovato chose a pillow with Ed Sheeran's face on it — or should we say Rupert Grint's? — and just went to town smooching it. Check out the funny clip below. Ew!