Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

Frances Bean Cobain Went All DIY On Her Marc Jacobs Billboard

Talk about taking matters into your own hands

It's one thing to have your face grace a giant billboard on Melrose. It's another to deface your face on a giant billboard on Melrose — or, in Frances Bean Cobain's case, reface your face.

Cobain is the star of Marc Jacobs's 2017 spring campaign, and her captivating stare gazes out from the billboard atop the designer's store in Hollywood.

The photo of Cobain is gorgeous, but the label let her treat the billboard like a blank canvas, so she and some collaborators whipped out the paint and let inspiration do its thing.

The result: a billboard that's truly Cobain's own, in that it's bearing her image and her artwork that adds a surreal touch — and some supernatural graffiti — to her own likeness.

Looks like there's a new sheriff in Jacobs's town, and one who's eager to leave her mark.