Sneak Peek: Alex And Gina Go Kamikaze On Stranded With A Million Dollars

They're going to do WHAT?!

Uh...hey, buddy -- you sure that's a good idea?

In a sneak peek of tomorrow night's Stranded With A Million Dollars, Alex unveils a brand-new strategy that he hopes will force Cody and Makani to buy him supplies. And, truth be told, we're now wondering if the jungle has made him lose. his. damn. mind.

"We're about to raise the stakes as high as they'll get," he tells Gina in the clip, below, just before collecting all the actual cash he and the remaining campers have earned thusfar. "When they're going to try to bully us out of the game, it's about standing up to the bully."

He then reveals his plan: Alex wants Makody to purchase him and Gina "some food and the smallest pot, delivered today" -- and if the duo doesn't, well then, he and his jungle bestie will go a little kamikaze.

So what do Alex and Gina intend to do? Watch the clip to find out, then let us know what you think of their scheme (we know you'll have plenty to say). And to see if they actually follow through with it, catch Stranded tomorrow at 10/9c.