Toilet Trouble: Will Ashley Leave The Challenge Over A Septic Prank?

The Real World: Ex-Plosion export proved once again her emotions can easily get the best of her

Betrayal, backstabbing and sex have incited some of the biggest fights in Challenge history, but the latest blowout is centered on a toilet seat, an inflatable swan and wasabi-flavored potato chips -- and it might be enough to convince one competitor to call it quits early.

On the most recent Invasion episode, Johnny Bananas found himself with a little extra time on his hands, so he deferred to one of his favorite Challenge pastimes: pranking some of the new kids. He noticed a few of the Underdogs had been struggling to get their bowel movements under control after “Curry Up,” a mission in which competitors had to down bucketfuls of spicy soup. So Bananas decided to compound their pain by removing their toilet seat, gently placing it atop the Underdogs’ preferred pool toy and helping it to set sail toward open water.

“Have you seen our toilet seat? Yeah, I think I saw it floating out in the middle of the lake floating around on that inflatable origami toy,” Bananas said. “Happy sails!”

Ashley, who’d gotten the worst of the house’s Thai plague, nearly broke down once she saw the toilet seat drifting toward the horizon, and began to cry.

“I feel curry still in my throat, and I am feeling very vomity, very poopy and very deathly,” Ashley said. “I don’t want to deal with this anymore. What type of grown man does this? I’ve been sick, and you let them take the only thing I had to make me feel better? That’s messed up, okay? I’ve literally been on the toilet for eighty percent of the time that I’ve been here.”

Amanda tried to calm Ashley down, but her efforts were mostly in vain, as Ashley began to toss her suitcases around, demand flights home from producers and wail until she was hoarse. As far as some of the Champs were concerned, though, Ashley could have very easily ended the ordeal if she’d just played along.

“Number One rule of being on a Challenge: If someone plays a prank on you, you laugh, you let it go,” Cara Maria said. “If you make a big deal and get wicked serious about it, more is coming.”

And more came. After Ashley finally calmed down, the Champs’ ladies swooped in and littered Ashley’s and Amanda’s beds with under-the-sheets potato chips.

“The Champs are known for pulling pranks,” Ashley said. “They’re losers. They probably got picked on in high school and The Challenge is just the way for them to be the cool kid for once. It’s like Revenge of the Nerds. They’re nothing but a bunch of bullies.”

“These people here are probably some of the most pathetic, immature adults that I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Amanda echoed, her calm all but evaporated.

Somehow, Amanda and Ashley wound up in an argument with Hunter, whom they accused of being unsupportive for laughing at the prank. By the fight’s end, Hunter was ready to do away with both of them and formally end their pact.

“I don’t want an alliance with [Ashley]. I don’t want to be with her -- I’m just over it all,” he said.

What do you think: Can Ashley bounce back from her breaking point, and is her insistence to go home just part of an empty threat? Or has she passed her threshold of pain and embarrassment, and is enough just finally enough? Share your thoughts, and see where she ends up when The Challenge returns next Tuesday at 9/8c!