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Famous In Love Heartthrob Carter Jenkins Was A Staple Of Your Childhood

Before you see him as Rainer Devon, rediscover Jenkins’s earlier roles

Famous in Love star Carter Jenkins has been acting since he was a kid. Now, he's all grown up and starring in the sexy new series from I. Marlene King, the genius mind behind Pretty Little Liars.

Based on the YA novel by Rebecca Serle, Famous in Love premieres April 18 on Freeform. Carter Jenkins plays Hollywood heartthrob Rainer Devon, who quickly falls for his new co-star, Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne), while dealing with both his ongoing feud with former BFF Jordan Wilder (Keith Powers) and keeping his celebrity image alive and well.

Recently, you may have seen Jenkins on MTV's Sweet/Vicious, playing “one of those locker room banter d-bags who gets what he deserves.” He's also appeared in the total mindfuck movie Circle and the dark crime drama The Following, but you may not remember that thanks to his earlier roles, he was also a staple of your childhood. Refresh your memory with a few from the mid- to late-2000s below.

  • Nickelodeon

    Jenkins hung out with baby Emma Roberts on her Nickelodeon show for several episodes as the adorkable Eli Pataki. On one episode, Jenkins did a cute little song and dance number about kissing Roberts (although it was all just in her head).

  • Disney

    Jenkins starred in this DCOM with That's So Raven's Kyle Massey and Hannah Montana's Mitchel Musso, playing the rich and snobby Preston Price. He and his prize-winning dog, Jacques, competed in a dog show against Massey and his rescued dog, Tyco.

  • Paramount Pictures

    In this remake of the 1976 film, Jenkins played Joey Bullock, the son of the Yankees' coach who really, really wanted to win the championship game against the Bears.

  • NBC

    This short-lived sci-fi series followed Miles Barnett (Jenkins) as he and several other people deal with the discovery of a dangerous new aquatic species. For a #TBT in 2013, Jenkins shared a behind-the-scenes pic of himself looking completely unrecognizable as some kind of sea creature.

  • Miramax Films

    In 2006, Jenkins went head-to-head with Spy Kids' Daryl Sabara, competing for the best bar mitzvah. The movie also starred a young Miranda Cosgrove and Britt Robertson. When Jenkins's co-star, Garry Marshall, died, he shared a touching throwback pic of the duo on set.

  • Remember when Ashley Tisdale and Austin Butler made a movie about aliens invading their vacation home? Jenkins played Tom Pearson, Tisdale's techno-geek brother.

  • In one of his better-known roles, Jenkins reunited with both Emma Roberts and Garry Marshall for this touching film about people's lives intersecting on February 14. Jenkins played Roberts's boyfriend who planned to lose his virginity to her — except her mom came home early and found him naked in her daughter's room. Whoops.