Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

Why Is This Baby Ed Sheeran?


We knew that Ron Weasley and Ed Sheeran are brothers from other mothers thanks to their striking similarities, but there's another Sheeran look-alike out there — and the resemblance is downright eerie.

Photos of a little girl named Isla have gone viral, as she's a pint-sized version of the English pop star.

The red hair, the fringe, the soft, smiling-without-actually-smiling facial expression — thankfully, tiny Isla has yet to get a giant lion tattooed on her chest (that we can see), but otherwise she's basically Sheeran's long-lost little sister or the daughter he has yet to have.

(Isla's mom, Zoe Walton, confirmed to BuzzFeed that, no, Sheeran is not the father.)

Genes are weird, man.