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9 Celebs Who Aren’t Regular Aunts, They’re Cool Aunts

Um, can any of these ladies be my aunt, too?

The internet loves when celeb parents do fun things with their kiddos, but being a celeb aunt is even better. Aunts have the best job: spending time with adorable nieces and nephews while still remaining "cool" and "hip." Whether they're taking the kids to red carpets, TV sets, or just to the nail salon, these nine celeb aunts are totally killing the game.

  1. The High School Musical star dedicated a #TizzieTuesday video to her niece, Mikayla. Tisdale filmed Mikayla doing her makeup and shared it with her 1 million–plus YouTube subscribers.

  2. When the K.C. Undercover star isn't bringing her nieces to the Kids' Choice Awards, she's hooking them up with an epic Harry Potter birthday celebration at Universal Studios.

  3. Aunt Britney taught a kids' dance class with niece Lexie in attendance. Spears also spends time with her other niece, Maddie, at Disney World (and she urged fans to pray for Maddie when she was injured in an ATV accident earlier this year).

  4. Rihanna loves doing adorable activities with her niece, Majesty, like sporting matching Christmas pajamas and getting manicures together.

  5. Solange's Easter pic with Blue Ivy last year was too cute for words. Plus, who could forget this sweet photo of Blue adding eye shadow to her aunt's face?

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    Back when Jimmy Fallon hosted Late Night, Lively brought her nephew, Baylen, on the show with her. Not sure about you, but I never got to appear on a talk show with my aunt.

  7. The Cory in the House star took one nephew to Disneyland for his birthday, and more recently showed off her niece and other nephew's Warrior pride.

  8. Whether she's throwing a sleepover with nephew Mason or letting North do her makeup, Kardashian is totally the hip aunt.

  9. Queen Bey isn't afraid to get silly with her nephew, Julez, and will proudly sing a song he wrote about his cousin, Blue.