11 Gift Ideas To Make Your BB Swoon

Roses are so yesterday.

Boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, spouse, FWB, bae, paramour—whatever you call your better half, let them know how you feel with creative and thoughtful gifts.MikMak lets you shop directly through your phone.

  • With ten different speeds, this vibrator suits any style
  • A “guybrator” that plays music while it works

  • Hold all your sex toys in this, ahem, toolbox
  • Find shopping for sex toys overwhelming? The Delta box picks for you

  • Make them a cocktail with this barware set
  • Put together a sentimental gift using your fave pics with this ...

  • ...or this photo display
  • Flowers will wilt, but a plant can last way longer

  • Add some tunes to your next joint shower sesh
  • Get matching tattoos….that you won’t regret