Ethan Miller/Getty Images

No One Makes Fun Of Green Lantern Better Than Ryan Reynolds

The shade never gets old

Green Lantern came out six years ago this summer, but Ryan Reynolds still can't let the film go. The movie about the DC superhero was a total flop and continues being made fun of to this day — mostly by Reynolds himself.

Fans loved the subtle dig at the green superhero in Deadpool, and Reynolds is a genius for keeping the gag up and not taking himself too seriously. Remember the time he joked about Green Lantern 2 on Conan? Classic.

On Tuesday (March 21) — or, technically, last Thursday — Reynolds stopped by The Late Show to talk about life's biggest questions with Stephen Colbert. (Get it? Because the new movie that opens Friday is called Life.)

While pondering all that life has to offer us mere humans, Reynolds couldn't resist making fun of his DC alter ego yet again. He's become a pro at it by now. Around the 3:33 mark, Reynolds asks Colbert, "Hey, Stephen? If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" Naturally, Green Lantern–themed insults ensued. Check out the funny clip above.