Chance Yeh/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan’s New Reality Show Sounds Like A Social-Media Nightmare

She just wants to ‘hijack’ your Facebook and Snapchat accounts, NBD

Cyber-bullying is no joke, and there's not a whole lot of entertainment value to be found in stealing someone's identity, online or otherwise — unless you're Lindsay Lohan, apparently!

Lohan is trying to get a new series off the ground called The Anti-Social Network, and in the trailer, she lays out her mission for us: She's going to steal your phone, control your social-media accounts for 24 hours, and give you prizes if you complete three challenges in the interim.

Some questions:

1) Why?

2) Why?


The premise alone puts us in a cold sweat, because the idea of someone posing as you in any capacity is terrifying — especially if they're posing as you while you're, uh, forced to model nude for an art class for the sake of a prank.

Though Lohan loves social media and "is social media," as she claims in the trailer here, it seems she's throwing the rulebook — and the terms of service for pretty much every single platform — out the window. In the meantime, now's as good a time as any to make sure your passwords are secure. Yeesh.