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Watch Rihanna Get Drunk While Watching Her Own Sex Scene On Bates Motel

‘I can’t’

Rihanna made her much-anticipated debut as Marion Crane on Bates Motel Monday night (March 20), and much to our amusement, she decided to go live on Instagram for a viral viewing party.

Thousands of fans shared in the meta experience of watching Rihanna watch herself on television, which turned out to be a blast. Her reactions were hilarious, especially when a sex scene popped up onscreen and she recoiled at the “gross” kissing sounds. “This is so weird ... oh my God ... I can’t,” she said, at once both proud and mortified.

Ultimately, Rih decided the only way to combat the weirdness of it all was to start throwing back tequila shots, so she and her friends created a drinking game for the show. We don’t know how long Rih will stay on Bates Motel (guess it depends on when Marion decides to shower), but here’s hoping she’ll continue live-streaming every one of her episodes. This is definitely the best new way to watch television.