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Katy Perry Is Turning Her Song Lyrics Into Shoes

Trapped in our white picket fence ... SANDALS?

If your wardrobe is in need of a whimsical pick-me-up, Katy Perry has just the thing for you.

On Monday night, the singer teased upcoming styles for her shoe collection on her Instagram story.

The sneak peek included shoes like tic-tac-toe-themed flats and tuxedo slides.

@katyperry / Instagram Stories
@katyperry / Instagram Stories

But perhaps the most intriguing style was this pair of white-picket fence sandals:

@katyperry / Instagram Stories

I'm guessing this is a reference to the lyric from Katy Perry's new "conscious pop" single "Chained to the Rhythm" in which she sings, "Are we crazy? / Living our lives through a lens / Trapped in our white picket fence / Like ornaments."

Wow, perhaps this is a method to escape being stuck behind a white picket fence: turning that fence into a shoe and walking away. Truly a powerful metaphor if you think about it. Thanks, Katy!

You can buy Katy Perry's current shoe collection here.