Stranded With A Million Dollars Backstabbing: Cody Talks Strategy (And Eliminating Gina) With...Alex

Sucks to be you, girl

Six down, two to go.

With Bria, Ashley, Michael, Chris, Alonzo and Eilish all but history on Stranded With A Million Dollars, Cody is unfolding his plan to get rid of another camper. His target: poor lil' Gina. His strategy: Convince her very best friend -- aka Alex -- to throw her under the bus.

"Gina is not pulling her weight on journeys at all. I'm content with three [being here] -- us two and Makani. Is that where your head's at?" Cody asks Alex in a sneak peek of tomorrow's episode, below. And to sweeten the pot, the Codymeister suggests that with Gina eliminated, he'd be willing to spend dough on those snacks Alex seems to need every damn episode. "If she's gone," Mr. Thrive says conspiratorially, "then us three can invest $5,000 on a pizza three ways -- that's a lot [of food]."

But do you think Cody is being genuine, or is it just more of his masterful manipulation? And does Alex agree to stab Gina in the back? Watch the clip to find out, then catch Stranded tomorrow at 10/9c to see if Cody narrows the playing field even further.