Which Underdog Alliance Will Survive Challenge: Invasion Of The Champions ?

Shane's side has got the numbers, but Cory's team is hanging tough

It’s a doghouse divided this season on The Challenge, so which of the newbie Invasion factions has what it takes to go the distance?

On tonight’s episode, the Underdog team’s two smaller subsets were forced to face that the shape of the game was changing, and that one alliance was progressively nailing down an advantage over the other. Shane, Hunter, Nelson, Sylvia, Amanda and Ashley felt sure they had the upper hand, and though Cory, Jenna, Nicole and Dario were at a numerical deficit, they seemed sure their ability to perform was enough to help them survive.

But solid individual performances do not a team make, and the Underdogs struggled to function as a single unit in the game’s next mission. “Curry Up” challenged players to gulp down bowls full of spicy curry before running a race and completing a puzzle, and while Shane and Nicole put up standout performances, the rest of the team fizzled out, and the Champions won handily.

“When you’re on a team challenge, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and I don’t know how we’re gonna win this,” Shane said. “Because all I see around me is losers…I’ve always been impressed by the people by the team members I’m with. This is not impressive.”

Still, it was Shane who found a pair of crosshairs on his head in the wake of the game, and when his alliance found out he and Nicole had cross-pollenated — and agreed to spare each other from elimination — they got pissed. Nelson, in particular, felt slighted by Shane and accused him of being a liar.

Still, the women in Shane’s alliance ultimately decided to remain loyal to him and voted Dario into The Fortress to square off against Nicole’s pick, Nelson.

The guys eventually joined the women’s nominees to The Fortress — Jenna and Sylvia — for a round of “Bell Ringer,” in which each competitor had to swing a kettle bell Quasimodo-style to destroy a series of raised Thai idols. Nelson came out with the win and Jenna extended her perfect elimination-round record, meaning both Underdog alliances suffered one loss. Statistically speaking, nothing really changed.

Nelson, though, was skeptical either side would be able to press on.

“Alliances are gonna change up, the drama’s gonna change up, a lot is gonna change up in this game,” he said.

What do you think — will Cory, Jenna and Nicole survive their side’s scarcity of players, and can you see them fighting through to the end? Or will Shane, Hunter, Nelson, Amanda and Ashley go further, and will the final Underdog spots be theirs for the taking? Share your thoughts and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Challenge episode Tuesday at 9/8c!

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