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Weezer’s ‘Feels Like Summer’ Is Here To Cure Your Winter Angst

They’re all ‘what blizzard?’ on this poppy jam

Spring isn't even here yet, and depending on what part of the country you're in, you're either melting in the sun or nursing frostbitten fingers. But Weezer, for one, have decided to "skip spring entirely and go straight to summer" with a new warm weather–ready jam.

The alt-rock veterans are back with a track that's decidedly not old-school Weezer (look, if you've been holding your breath for another Pinkerton, now's the time to grab a brown paper bag). "Feels Like Summer" is an upbeat mix of stadium rock and EDM that's marked by layered synths, unexpected bass drops, and a punchy pop hook: "Yeah, it feels like summer / Yeah, it feels like summer to me." You may not feel ready to sing along just yet, but give it a few weeks.

Hear the song below in an animated video that features a lot of trippy skin-shedding.

"Feels Like Summer" is the first taste of Weezer's as-yet-untitled eleventh album, which arrives — you guessed it — this summer.