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Gigi Hadid Bravely Wears Long White Pants On The Slushy Streets of NYC

Please watch your step, Gigi!

Currently, New York City streets are covered in a messy cocktail of melting snow, gasoline exhaust, and god knows what else. This did not stop Gigi Hadid from stepping out in a pair of incredibly long and incredibly white silk pants.

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They also have a THIGH-HIGH SLIT. It is currently 28 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

James Devaney/GC Images

The hem of her pants is mere centimeters from the ground. I can't look at this without biting my nails.

Anyway, Gigi is no stranger to risky garments. Last November she wore a white coat with a train, dragging it along the street while grabbing coffee.

Man, does this girl have stock in Scotchgard or what?