Team Puppet Masters: Can Devin And Rashida Maintain Game Control On Are You The One: Second Chances?

Gio, for one, has vowed to make sure they don't

Even though there's only been one episode of Are You The One: Second Chances, it's already crystal clear who's pulling the strings on this game: Devin and Rashida, aka Team Puppet Masters.

Devin is no stranger to strategy: The Are You The One? Season 3 vet used red Solo cups to help his fellow love hopefuls walk away with the cash and he placed a surprising third place during his first Challenge cameo with partner Cheyenne.

But back to tonight's installment: The self-proclaimed king and his queen reigned supreme in the posh winners' suite after taking first place in the initial mission and doubling their $20,000 bank. Their victory banished any possibility of a potential humble pie, as the duo's cockiness confidence quickly soared off the charts. Not that the ever self-assured Devin needed any help with that: "As you guys sleep six inches off the ground like the peasants you are, I will be in a king-size bed," he said.

Gio's response to the Massachusetts native rubbing in his stellar performance? Immediately rubbing his bare nether regions all over Devin's pillow. Despite that well-timed maneuver in the buff, Dev and his bestie half weren't slowed from attempting an alliance with a few other housemates: Ellie/Nate and Shanley/Adam. Smooth move, Dashida. Agreeing as a group who to eliminate from the game almost guarantees immunity... for a few weeks, at least.

Hayden and Carolina learned the hard way that teaming up with the other guys could prove fruitful — because the two went against Dashida's grand master plan, they got voted into "The Choice." Though the Season 5 couple inevitably made the smart decision to share their winnings, leaving them safe from insta-elimination, the entire scenario validated the power duo's role as game dictators.

"We're the puppet masters; they're the puppets," Devin quipped.

But are they? Devin and Rashida may have the majority on their side now, but as couples are eliminated, it's only a matter of time before this pair of cutthroat ringleaders are left to fend for themselves. Especially if Gio has anything to do with it. "Devin thinks he's the sh*t because he got first place in the first mission," he said. "But at the end of the day, over my dead f*ckin' body will [he] leave here with a dollar."

Comment with your theories, and watch the drama heat up even more next Wednesday at 9/8c!