Here's How The Teen Mom 2 Girls And Their Loved Ones Interacted Backstage At The Reunion

During Part 2 of the season finale, viewers got a behind-the-scenes look

The Teen Mom 2 reunions are an opportunity for cast members and those in their inner circle to discuss situations that unfolded throughout the long-running docuseries. And for the second time in Teen Mom 2 history, the Dr. Drew-hosted event (which has been a staple of the program since the show premiered in 2010) offered an in-depth look at what happens behind-the-scenes as the mamas prepared to get candid.

During tonight's Part 2 season finale, cameras and producers followed Kailyn, Jenelle, Leah and Chelsea as they geared up to speak with the addiction specialist. Even though there were some difficult incidents offstage (a disagreement between Jenelle and her mother Barbara as well Chelsea feeling under the weather), there were plenty of lighthearted and interesting moments between the girls and those closest to them interacting at the studios. Enjoy the five scenes below, and don't miss Part 1 of the reunion special tonight and Part 2 airing next Monday at 9/8c.

  1. Belly rubs for everyone

    Kailyn could not get enough of Jenelle's and Chelsea's bellies -- and the soon-to-be mother of three made sure to cradle the respective buns in the ovens. Baby Ensley and Baby Watson surely felt the love!

  2. Babs gets candid about men

    Leah happily opened up to Babs about her recent college acceptance and her desire to show her three mini-mes the importance of education. And then the exchange took an interesting turn -- specifically, the MTV grandmother dished about how Leah could meet her "Prince Charming." "Some guy, maybe some rich doctor man who has a couple of yachts and all that stuff, maybe a villa somewhere. And you can say, 'Yeah, I can probably do him.'" Leah could not help but laugh -- and neither could the crew.

  3. A first meeting...or maybe not

    Nathan thought that he had never interacted with Cole, but Chelsea's hubby believed they hung out at a previous taping several years prior. Regardless, the men had a jovial chat, and Nathan remarked that Cole looked exactly like an old friend of his from high school.

  4. "Lone survivors"

    Leah and Kail chatted during hair and makeup about the previous day (Jenelle and Chelsea both departed early because they were feeling unwell) and contemplated if their fellow cast members would attend "Unseen Moments." Ultimately, everyone was present for the taping.