Stranded With a Million Dollars Meltdown: Will Alonzo Be The Next To Flare Out?

The former military man said he was about to 'lose' his brain -- to say the least

Now that's what you call a meltdown.

Alonzo freaked the hell out on tonight's Stranded With A Million Dollars, coming thisclose to pulling the trigger on his flare gun and thus officially throwing in the towel.

"I should have never came out here -- this is not worth it for me," he mumbled to himself, his face buried in his hands after a brutal journey to the new campsite. "Once you live in a jungle, you become a part of the jungle. You get angry. You get anxiety. You start to get a sense of paranoia."

Oh, and speaking of paranoia: Later, during another breakdown, Alonzo told Eilish that even everyday noises were making him "lose [his] brain." "I'm getting tired of these sounds," he said, peering around the jungle with both a look of despair and a wacky smile on his face. "These birds, these bats, are driving me crazy."

And considering it was daylight and no "bats" were around, it seemed official: The cheese was slipping off Alonzo's cracker. Fortunately for him, however -- and just in the nick of time -- the 23-year-old was thrown a lifeline. The very next day, Alex was chosen for this week's temptation and took Alonzo with him; the two were soon feasting on a buffet but, best of all, both received videotaped messages from a loved one. While Alex got a lovey-dovey message from his girlfriend Hannah, Alonzo got the ultimate boost from his mom Gwen.

"I am praying for your wellness every single night and dispatching angels over there for your protection," she said. "And I want to remind you of who you are and how you inspired me. Catch the wave, baby. Catch it and bring it home."

And catch it, he did.

"That changed everything," a recharged Alonzo later said. "Seeing my mom on that screen and hearing her voice, I feel like I got a mission to complete. I'm not thinking of self-evacuating [now] because I don't want to quit."

But will Gwen's heartfelt message really be enough to keep her son in the game? Can Alonzo continue riding the wave of strength, or will he eventually suffer another meltdown and crumble again -- this time, for good? Tell us if you think he'll stay in the game or flare out, then catch another episode of Stranded Tuesday at 10/9c.