Sneak Peek: Alonzo Might Be Going Down For The Count On Stranded With A Million Dollars

Hey, buddy -- you okay over there?

Just last week, we asked the all-important question, "Will Alonzo be the next to flare out?" on MTV's Stranded With A Million Dollars.

And now, thanks to a sneak peek of tomorrow night's episode, we have an answer: Sure as hell looks like it.

"I weigh more than him now," the uber-skinny Alex says of his jungle cohort in the clip, below.

Adds a concerned Gina: "He's not doing too well -- I can tell."

And she's right: Alonzo soon describes his maladies, and trust us, it ain't pretty. So what's going on with the former military man? Watch the clip to find out, then see if he can survive being Stranded tomorrow night at 10/9c.