Catfish Curveball: Nev And Max Head To The Airport -- But Hit A Few Bumps In The Road

In this sneak peek, an imminent journey is about to take an unexpected turn

Traveling to meet a Catfish is a pretty common occurrence -- when it comes to mileage, digital connections know no bounds. However, trips to the airport featured on the docu-series are rarely that eventful -- until now.

In a sneak peek from this week's brand-new installment, Nev, Max and love hopeful Telizza enjoy a seemingly carefree ride to their departing flight. But the mood takes a turn as Max begins texting with Telizza's ladylove Shai to give her a heads-up about the trio's plans.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Max exclaims as he looks at his phone, then reads Shai's text out loud: "'Wait, I feel really bad that I lied.'"

What does Shai then reveal -- and how will it impact the group's imminent journey? Watch the clip to find out, and don't miss this brand-new episode on Wednesday at 8/7c to see the entire case unfold.